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It is expected that all Virtual School Heads will become a member of The National Association to support them in their role.The subscription fees and any profit from the annual conference will be used to commission research and run the National Association.

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NAVSH Conference 2016

The National Conference for Virtual School Heads was an opportunity to come together to learn from one another and those involved in research, on the subject of the education of children in care. 

Resources from the 2016 conference

  The Virtual School Handbook

The Virtual School Handbook provides a thorough overview of the role and offers advice around different aspects of it. The main focus of a Virtual School Head is improving the educational outcomes of looked after children.

 The Knowledge Hub

There is also a discussion forum on The Knowledge Hub for Virtual School Heads to share ideas and ask for advice. You just need a log in and can then request to join the group.

  The Virtual School Head
Annual Report

Virtual School Heads are expected to report on the progress, performance and development of their Virtual School each year and Ofsted will ask for a copy of the Annual Report when they inspect local authority children’s services.

Framework and evaluation schedule for the inspections of services for children in need of help and protection, children looked after and care leavers

In completing this report, consideration should routinely be given to the impact of the actions taken by the Virtual School Head and the place of those actions in the pupil’s journey through care. The principle of ‘We did this and the impact was…’ should inform reporting.
The addition of case studies as appendices would add a narrative flavour to this document.

Appendix 10 of The Virtual School Handbook has suggested headings for the annual report.