National Virtual Heads Conference 2016

The National Conference for Virtual School Heads was an opportunity to come together to learn from one another and those involved in research, on the subject of the education of children in care. 

Some of our key partners also had a platform to share their views on how we might work together to improve the educational outcomes of children in care. The National Conference 2016 also saw the launch of the National Association of Virtual School Heads, setting out our strategic priorities for the year. 

Resources from the 2016 conference

 1. Living a Careless Life

        Luke Rodgers

2. Stimulating a national debate about improving support and ambition for children in care

        Debbie Barnes

 3. Improving Educational Outcomes for Looked After Children

        Nick Hudson

 4. Minister of State for Children and Families - DfE

        Edward Timpson - Speech

 5. Virtual School Heads: Looking after learning

        Jane Pickthall & Alan Clifton

 6. Whose knowledge? Young people’s voices as a source of evidence

        Dez Holmes

 7.1. Education and Care: What does this mean for practice?

        Judy Sebba

 7.2. Moving to the centre of the pitch: The role of Virtual School Head

        Sonia Jackson

 7.3. Attachment Aware Schools: Pilot Studies

        Mike Gorman, Tony Clifford, Dr Janet Rose



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